Sports Flooring

PVC Indoor sports flooring are widely installed in stadiums with Indoor sports facility. in different thicknesses of 4mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm & 8mm in vibrant shades The cost of maintenance for PVC Indoor sports flooring is quite low in compare to other flooring solutions. These floorings being made out of 100% PVC, they are water and humidity resident. PVC Indoor sports flooring are easy to repair and long lasting. The most profound characteristic of PVC Indoor sports flooring is that it is safe because it reduces friction caused by heat and injuries caused because of slippage. PVC Indoor sports flooring are multipurpose sports flooring playing basketball, badminton, tennis, ping pong and volleyball. that could be used Indoor for dance studios, aerobics gym, fitness centers.

DMD High Performance Acrylic Systems are designed to provide consistent speed of play, textured and comfortable surface to any indoor or outdoor facilities. The Textured surface finish is slip resistant, tough, durable, UV resistent and ideal for Tennis courts and other range of indoor and outdoor sports surfaces including basketball, volleyball, multipurpose sport courts etc.

The acrylic court systems can be applied on asphalt, concrete, or existing acrylic tennis court surfaces. DMD Cushion Coat gives maximum long-lasting resilient properties for optimum comfort to the players. Cushion Layet can be applied in different thicknesses to suit required sport surface criteria, specifications and budget.

DMD Polyurethane Cast-in-Situ Safety Surfaces are generally two layer systems consist of SBR Base Layer which act as a shockpad to absorb impact and a top surface consisting of EPDM Rubber Granules applied in a range of bright colours and designs.

In this system SBR or EPDM Rubber Granules mixed with DMD PU Rubber Binder and applied directly prepared subbase. DMD PU Rubber Binder is solvent-free, one component, expecially designed for bonding rubber granules at Pour-in-Place Systems to form seamless and flexible safety multisport areas for parks, play areas , children playgrounds, pathways, tartan courts.

One of the advantage of this system is different colors, logos, geometric shapes, graphics can be applied on the surface with colourfull EPDM Granules. System is designed to install different thicknesses as this can adjust protection for the critical fall height at playgrounds, and colors can be mixed and varied to complement playground equipment and playground settings.

As a perfect alternative to natural grass, DMD’s artificial turf is easy to install and maintain. Surfaces are durable enough to withstand high traffic and exposure to the sun and adverse weather conditions. The infill stays firmly in place, creating a soft, beautiful surface that stays green all year long and doesn’t require mowing or watering.

Organic, Odourless And Non-toxic

DMD’s artificial turf makes use of recycled, organic materials and uses low-energy, cooler, more efficient production methods to save time and cost. There is less environmental disruption during installation and easy options for removal of materials at the end of an installation’s lifetime.

Safe For Children And Pets

With playing surfaces that are softer, impact-absorbing, cooler, odor-free and non-taxic, DMD’s artificial turf is the new standard in safety for synthetic turf. Unlike other infill alternatives, there is no risk of ingesting harmful chemicals from recycled industrial materials and other plastics containing lead. Geo safe play’s turf is much more pleasant for walking, sitting and playing.